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          Wuhan is Well-prepared for the 7th CISM Military World Games
The 7th CISM Military World Games will be  held in Wuhan, Capital of central China’s Hubei Province, from October  18th to 27th. Over 10,000 military athletes from over 100 countries will  compete in 35 venues across Wuhan city making it the largest event in  history of Military World

Among the 35 venues, 13 were newly built, 17 were reconstructed using  sites formerly operated by Wuhan city and local universities and five  are temporary facilities to be dismantled after the event. Being one of  the most well-known Wuhan local high-tech enterprises of 20 years in  China Optics Valley, Wuhan Guide Group’s subsidiary- Guide Sensmart  provides infrared thermal imaging solution for 7th CISM Military World  Games.

Thermal Technology for Predictive Electric Power Maintenance
GUIDE  C series High Performance Thermography Camera from Guide Sensmart to  ensure the electric power stability in Military World Games’s venues and  athletes' village

It is reported that the electric power maintenance for the 7th  Military World Games in Wuhan will be covered 35 venues and 98 hotels  which was located in 15 Administrative districts.
Thermal Cameras  are the must-have professional tools for predictive maintenance in  electric power industry. Guide C series high performance thermal camera,  being the star and mature thermal device which was won both IF award  and Red Star award, play an vital role in power maintenance in 7th  Military World Games in Wuhan.

At the end of July, Hubei Electric Power Supply Corporation and Wuhan  Power Supply Corporation completed the inspection of all hidden power  hazards related to power grid equipment in accordance with the Beijing  Olympics power conservation standards, and completed 132 substation and  122 cable electrification tests.
The Disease Controller in Athlete’s Village

GUIDE  IR236 series IR Fever Sensing System/Body Thermal Imaging System detect  the fever passengers in real-time, which were widely used in Beijing  Daxing International Airport, the capital Airports, Guangzhou Airport,  Shenzhen Port and more. Guide IR236S body thermal imaging system are the  “Disease Controller” during the SARS, H1N1 flu, Zika virus and alike.

GUIDE IR236 intelligent infrared thermal imaging systems adopts a new  generation of infrared focal plane uncooling detectors from Guide  Self-developed. It has advanced technology and stable performance, and  has many innovative functions such as multi-point target tracking, face  recognition, high and low temperature detection and alarm.

For the Game of “Military Glory, World Peace”, Wuhan is Prepared

"Wuhan  will become the capital of world peace," said Colonel Herve Piccirillo,  CISM president, after his investigation in Wuhan last June.

"The  Military Games is a global event. Military athletes from all countries  gathering in Wuhan will fully interpret the essence of peace and  friendship," Piccirillo said.

We thanks the trust from Colonel Herve Piccirillo and the world.  Wuhan, being the most prosperous city in central China from 19th  century, and now it is one of the most fast developing cities in China,  it is known as the political, economic, financial, cultural, educational  and transportation center of central China. We own more than 100  universities and colleges including Wuhan University and the University  of Science and Technology of China, which provide the talent guarantee  for Wuhan’s rapidly development in every aspect.

Being  the first time that a Chinese city will host the event, Wuhan promised  to further exert its role as a major platform for athletes in military  camps all over the world to display their strength and enhance  friendship.

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