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Guide Sensmart Provide IR Fever Sensing Systems for the New Beijing Daxing International Airport
September 25th 2019, Beijing's massive new  Daxing International Airport is officially open for business; with seven  airlines operating their inaugural flights in the afternoon. Chinese  President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and announced the  official opening.
The  new mega-airport hub is expected to handle up to 45 million passengers  per year by 2021 and 72 million annual passengers by 2025. The new  starfish-shaped airport is the size of 98 football fields and will be  the world’s largest terminal in a single building.

As  one of the most automated and intelligent airport customs in the world,  Daxing Airport allows passengers through the China Customs in a simpler  and faster procedure thanks to the high technology systems.

Daxing Airport equipped 54 sets of IR236 intelligent IR Fever Sensing System/Thermal Imaging Cameras which provided by Guide Sensmart.
IR236 Series Thermal Imaging Cameras—the disease controller
As  a star product in the field of inspection and quarantine applications,  the Guide IR236 series have successfully completed the glorious mission  of “Defense Guardian” during the SARS SARS in 2003, the global H1N1 flu  in 2009, and the Zika virus in 2016. They are now widely deployed in the  capital Airports, Guangzhou Airport, Shenzhen Port and other entry and  exit passages to control the spread of the disease by detecting the  fever passengers in real-time.

IR236  series intelligent infrared thermal imaging systems adopts a new  generation of infrared focal plane uncooling detectors from Guide  Self-developed. It has advanced technology and stable performance, and  has many innovative functions such as multi-point target tracking, face  recognition, high and low temperature detection and alarm.

IR236  infrared thermal imaging systems can be used for large-area monitoring  in crowded public places, quickly identify and track people with high  body temperature, and quickly check for fever. The system is simple and  convenient to operate, stable and reliable, and multiple alarm settings  can realize multi-point alarm and tracking, ensuring that no targets are  missed, and interference from other high-temperature objects can be  avoided. Alarm images and video can also be uploaded to the monitoring  center through the remote monitoring network for analysis and  processing, which is convenient for management. It is the ideal  equipment for security protection at airports, inspection and  quarantine.
Since July 2019, Daxing Airport has entered  the final preparatory stage. After more than two months of installation,  commissioning and comprehensive drills, Guide Infrared installed 54  IR236S intelligent infrared body temperature at the airport's entry and  exit passages. The detection system has also deployed 8 S222 border port  entry personnel information collection systems in special epidemic  areas, ensuring the convenience of port clearance while ensuring the  effective implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work.

Daxing  International Airport, which was ranked as the "Seven Wonders of the  New World" by the British "Guardian" becomes the new Country Gate of  China. And Guide Sensmart, will be always working for the mission “make  the infrared technology benefit the masses”
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